Puscifer and Lucha Girls……WTF?

Puscifer and Lucha Girls……WTF?

This has been an exciting summer and now fall season for Lucha Girls Wrestling talent Jezabel Romo and Masked Man!  They have been busy asskicking and performing all over Europe and the good ol’ USA with the amazingly talented Puscifer!


With their latest album Money $hot, Puscifer (Frontman Maynard James Keenan, vocalist Carina Round, master-mixer and guitarist Mat Mitchell, ex-Ministry bassist Paul Barker, Perfect Circle & Devo drummer Jeff Friedl, keyboardist/vocalist Mahsa Zargaran of Omniflux) along with their opening act Luchafer just returned last evening from another adventure of music and wrestling entertainment in Money $hot Round 4 showcasing in New Orleans LA, Orlando Fl, Miami FL, Clearwater FL and Nashville TN



Masked Man has been on the tour since the beginning as the notorious Mano Roja. Starting in Nov 2016, the Money Shot tour has taken to the road in 2 U.S tours, 1 European tour and now the 4th run in the abovementioned cities with an already announced Australian tour in Jan 2017, Puscifer Money $hot – Round Under Tour w/ special guests Luchafer.  Jezabel has joined forces as Alacrana Plata 3.0 on the European & last US run and will be kicking ass alongside Masked Man on the upcoming tour!


We spoke to Jezabel recently about her experience ~ “This has been an amazing time of my life.  Becoming Alacrana on stage and doing what I love to do and live for – wrestling in the ring – has been a dream come true.  I thought it was a once in a lifetime experience, but here we are about to embark on another Puscifer created vision.  And wrestling to awesome music, dancing on stage in front of seas of people, so many that you can’t even see the end of the throng of faces was indescribable, touring thru Europe…..it was so inspiring and empowering.  Let’s do this shit!!! I love it!”

When asked about the band, Jezabel states, “ At first it was very intimidating being around such talented people and artists.  But they are so down to earth and so non rockstar-ish, you soon feel welcomed into the Puscifer family.  The band and crew are so cool and inspiring to me, some of the best people I have ever met.  At first Maynard scared the hell out of me, he is so uniquely creative, inspiring yet intimidating, and don’t even get me started on the wine, if it ain’t Merkin, it ain’t workin…..lol!  You have to try it!”  To check out the wine Jezabel speaks of check out https://caduceus.org/

Upon returning last night, Jezabel says, “I am banged up, sore and feel incredibly awesome!  This past week has been more than words can describe!  We left on my birthday.  My husband (& fellow wrestler Masked Man) proposed to me and gave me the perfect ring, so we are renewing our vows on our 5 year anniversary and I get a real wedding!!!  I got to see 2 cities off my childhood bucketlist – New Orleans and Nashville -, I couldn’t ask for a more exhilarating and exciting memory than this tour.  The crowds are amazing and so receptive to the wrestling, and once Puscifer steps onstage and the music hits……..Its ON!!!  The reviews, the messages I am getting on social media have been incredibly positive and fun to read!  ”


We also had a chance to ask Masked Man about his experiences on this tour, ” I was semi retired from the pro wrestling scene at the time all this started back in the summer of 2015.  Jezabel was contacted to put together a group of wrestlers for a tryout to be the opening act for a band.  At the time we were not told who the band was.  I was not at the first 2 tryouts, but Jezabel, being the business woman she is, kept hounding me to tryout.  So I went and did the tryout with my trainer at Santino Bros Wrestling Academy Robby Phoenix.  Few weeks goes by and we got the call that we got the gig.  My mind was blown away the first day of the first tour in Nov 2015 when we were picked up at the airport in a limo and given our own rooms at the Westin Hotel.  Thats when it hit me that this was unlike any gig on the indy circuit.  We are treated like kings by these guys.  The band and crew are unbelievably talented and down to earth people.  I learned alot from them traveling the US and Europe with them.  Seeing the world , learning about yoga, wine tasting sessions with my fellow Luchafers & being influenced by such an amazing group of people has been a once in a lifetime dream come true.  I can’t thank Dino and Puscifer enough for this opportunity given to me.


Here are some pics of the show!









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