Puma’s Prey – Mixed Brutality

Puma’s Prey – Mixed Brutality

featuring Allie Parker vs the Masked Puma – Lucha Girls fighter Sassy & Sexy Allie has returned and determind to finally properly defend herself from the Masked Puma! He has beaten her and left her loopy on 4 previous occasions, but the time has come for a change, or so Allie thinks! Puma enters and once again, he brutalizes & beats all the sassy out of poor Allie and humiliates her with , slams, lift carries, breathing and pretty much any painful body thing this sadistic Masked Man can dream up. If you like total male and female humiliation, then buy Puma’s Prey – Mixed Brutality and watch Allies fantasy world turn into reality!

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The Masked Puma & Allie Parker meet once again in the ring! Will she finally be victorious or will Puma score card be 4-0?


Do you have your own fantasy for Sassy Little Allie Parker?  This girl can take a or kick your dream match’s ass!  Email your script to Info@LuchaGirls.com and let us make your fantasy a reality.  At Lucha Girls Wrestling, we kick ass & have fun doing it!