Puma Plays with Raylynn

Puma Plays with Raylynn –

featuring Lucha Girl Newcomer Raylynn vs The Masked Puma ~ Raylynn is new on the pro wrestling circuit and making her Lucha Girls Wrestling debut.  She came in quite sassy and cocky, so we decided to put her against the woman hating Masked Puma to test her wrestling prowess and skill.  Puma is known to painfully stretch, and degrade the women who step into the ring with him.  He takes immense enjoyment in torturing his opponent with and and throat grips.  Loves having the girls gasp for each breathe and scream in agony.  Will he break Raylynns luscious tiny body and her spirit or does she have what it takes to fight back against this sadistic masked man?  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestling’s Puma Plays with Raylynn and find out just what kind of breasticular fortitude that Raylynn has.

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