Stinkface Bitch Brawl

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Stinkface Bitch Brawl

featuring Jezabel Romo vs Jennifer Thomas
LENGTH: 9 mins



Stinkface Bitch Brawl – Stinkfaces, Facesits and Scissorholds!

featuring Jezabel Romo vs Jennifer Thomas ~ Jezabel and Jennifer have the longest standinf feud in Lucha Girls history. They have been at each others throats and asses since Lucha Girls first opened it doors, as these 2 sexy hellcats are the original Lucha Girls! they have gone toe to toe in pro style matches, piledriver matches and even Loser Gets Tarred & Feathered match! This time, they are determind to win by any means necessary, even if that includes stinkfaces, facesits or squeezing the heck out of each other in body and head scissors!! Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings “Stinkface Bitch Brawls” and see who gets by face bashing stinkfaces……..Jezabel or Jennifer?

LENGTH: 9 mins

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