Not Too Old for a Crotch Attack

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Not Too Old For A Crotch Attack!

featuring Jezabel Romo vs Trina Michaels 
LENGTH: 21 mins



Not Too Old For A Crotch Attack! – Jezabel Romo vs Trina Michaels

featuring Older Woman Jezabel Romo vs Younger Woman Trina Michaels ~ Trina is a guest wrestler at Lucha Girls Wrestling and once Jezabel, the owner of Lucha Girls lays eyes on her she hates this younger, big busted skinny bitch! How dare she come into Jezabel’s ring dressed in cheetah print, just like Jezabel. But being younger and thinner, Jezabel’s latina temper rears its ugly head and she goes for the attack. Knowing that Trina is not skilled in pro wrestling, Jezabel wickedly decides to do a crotch attack match! Poor Trina, she may have had her cute little pussy worked over in her previous career, but now she is in for a new kind of wrestling ! Jezabel shows no mercy as she slaps, grinds, head butts, kicks, stomps, and viciousy clutches vulnerable Trina’s special lady place! She isnt done yet, as she grabs a rope and vicously ropeburns the beautiful Trinas nether regions…even going for a clit twisting ! Witness the abuse firsthand in Lucha Girls Wrestlings “Not Too Old For a Crotch Attack!”
LENGTH: 21 mins

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