Best of Lucha Girls DVD on Sale

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Best of Lucha Girls Wrestling DVD – Free Shipping!!

Featuring Jezabel Romo, Mutiny, Lucky O’Shea, Allie Parker and Jennifer Thomas

Length: 60 min



Lucha Girls Wrestling is excited to announce its first official DVD, The Best of Lucha Girls DVD on Sale and is now available.  

5 Hot, Sexy Female Pro Wrestlers in 5 Action Packed In Your Face matches!

Featuring Jezabel Romo, Mutiny, Lucky O’Shea, Allie Parker and Jennifer Thomas 



Match #1 – Piledriver Perversions ~ Mutinys Fate feat that Sexy Canadian Mutiny vs  Hot Tempered Latina Jezabel Romo ~ a match of  multiple Piledrivers and Sensual gropes and fondles as Jezabel dominates our Canadian cutie Mutiny.










Match #2 – Broke Back Bitch feat. Sassy Allie Parker vs Jezabel Romo ~ This is a Pro Style match.  Jezabel hates younger prettier girls & poor Allie takes all the back breaking punishment in this heated battle of older woman vs younger woman.

BrokeBackBitch-15BrokebackBitch-36BrokebackBitch-52 BrokeBackBitch-09






 Match #3 – God Bless American Girls feat. Luscious Irish Lass Lucky O’Shea vs Jezabel Romo ~ Lucky & Jezabel barely need any excuse to start fighting and they bring it all in this patriotic clad wrestling match, taking the fight all over inside and outside of the ring!

GodBlessAmericanGirls (6)GodBlessAmericanGirls (3)GodBlessAmericanGirls (1)GodBlessAmericanGirls (8)






 Match#4 – Facesittin’ Floozies feat. Lucky O’Shea vs Jezabel Romo – the name says it all in this catfight featuring Jezabel & Lucky ripping pantyhose and trying to get the victory with facesits and the ever lovable stinkface submission!







Match#5 – This Bitch Out feat.  Muscular Beauty Jennifer Thomas vs Jezabel RomoJezabel goes toe to toe with Jennifer Thomas, but only one girl can get choked and one girl, in this case, Jennifer, is determind to use various holds to This Bitch Out!







Our fighters are all pro trained girls that have worked on the Independant Professional Wrestling scene.  Now they bring their prowess and experience to the Lucha Girls ring and love to beat the hell out of each other for your viewing pleasure!  So grab a cold/hot beverage, your choice, sit back in your favorite chair and watch the mayhem of Lucha Girls unfold in every match!