Bad Dude wrestles Jezabel – Mixed Wrestling

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featuring Jezabel Romo vs Bad Dude

LENGTH: 7 mins


Bad Dude wrestles Jezabel – Mixed Wrestling

featuring Jezabel Romo vs Bad Dude – Jezabel is confident and ready to jump in the ring with the notorious Bad Dude, a man known to be extra and with women. He does not believe that a mere woman challenges him! Jezabel is sassy and ready to bring the Bad Dude down. But Bad Dude has other ideas in mind……more of the this old bitch down variety! Jezabel holds her own for a few minutes, trying as she might for submission holds such as headscissors, headlocks and takedowns, but to no avail. Bad Dude is just too much man for poor old Jezabel! She thinks she finally has him in a tight head crushing scissorhold, but Bad Dude uses his brute strength to lift the Latina and position in her in a Tombstone Piledriver!! Seems that Bad Dude was simply too much man for our feisty cougar! Buy Lucha Girls “Bad Dude Beats Down Jezabel – Mixed Wrestling” now and watch the painful destruction of Jezabel!

LENGTH: 7 mins

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