1604-Back For A Belly Punching

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1604-Back For A Belly Beating

featuring Jezabel Romo vs Luscious Layla
LENGTH: 16 mins



1604-Back For A Belly

~ 2 Sexy Female Wrestlers, bra and panty clad, in a classic one sided belly !

In this bout, 1604-Back For A Belly …..I, Hot Tempered Latina Jezabel Romo was personally requested for a match by an unknown opponent.  Intrigued, I accept the challenge and eagerly awaits the arrival of my mystery opponent!  In saunters Luscious Layla!  She has been away from Lucha Girls for quite awhile and me, being the evil bitch I am, anticipates giving the sexy younger beauty another !  Layla has a new improved confidence and sassy little attitude.  Suddenly in typical Jezabel fashion, I sucker punch the little bitch in her tender white belly and continues to pummel her back in the ropes.  Layla tries to get her bearings, but I got some real life shit going on and don’t have time to fuck around with sassy sexy younger girls who want to upsurp my position as head of Lucha Girls.  I don’t need this shit, but I do need to work out some of my frustrations and aggressions and this fucking Damsel in is just the thing to do that!  I am in the mood for a sexy one sided belly !  I proceed to beat the hell out of her sexy abs, loving and relishing the way she is crying out and moaning like a little sissy who doesn’t belong in my fucking ring!  What better way to hold a bitch down for a , if not the body scissors and tightly cinched head scissors.  I love wrapping my powerful thick mexican thighs around little bitches and squeeze the cries out of them.  But I don’t want this to end to fast and decide to toy with this cunt for a bit, let her think she has a chance…!  She vainly tries to strike me, but I am 2 steps ahead of this ditzy broad and just laugh in her face.  She wants to keep going to the ropes, like they are going to save her, but I have a few more tricks of my sleeve, more punches, slaps, and nailed claws have contact with her beautiful reddening belly, even a few kicks to really establish painful dominance!  Her belly is so tender, I even have to stop and lick and bite it, all the while she screams in pain!  I must admit it was rather a turn on to me and I enjoyed not only and dominating Layla, but also molesting and rubbing up on her luscious soft body!  I can go on and on with the pleasure I have taken with this , but I would rather you witness it for yourself!  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestling’s “1604-Back For A Belly ” and watch poor Laylas return to Jezabel’s ring!

Jezabel Romo vs Luscious Layla


LENGTH: 16 mins




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