1727-Mixed Wrestling Mayhem – Laura James vs Eli Everfly

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1727-Mixed Wrestling Mayhem – Laura James vs Eli Everfly

Featuring Laura James vs Eli Everfly

Time Limit ~ 11 min

Format ~ MP4


1727-Mixed Wrestling Mayhem –

Laura James vs Eli Everfly

Our British beauty is waiting in the ring, anxiously awaiting who her next opponent will be?  She wants a challenge and is determined to prove her prowess in the Lucha Girls ring.  In saunters Eli Everfly with all of his arrogant swagger.  Laura can’t believe that this is her opponent, she was expecting a bit more brawn and size in her opponent, “Well hell” she is thinking, “this should be a fairly quick and easy match” Little does she know, Eli has a different plan of action and is ready to make this sexy outspoken broad pay for her insults to his person.  They match starts and easily Eli cheapshots Laura with an unexpected swift kick to her midsection.  He proceeds to show her just what he thinks of her opinions of him and puts her in various and painful stretches and submissions, torturing her vulnerable sexy body. She struggles to fight back but this lil man has some serious skills in bringing the pain to our sassy Brit.  Suddenly Laura delivers a low blow straight to Eli’s covered sac and he goes down in agony.  Time for Laura to deliver her own style of pain and humiliation to this lil asshole!  But Eli won’t give in quite that easy and soon becomes enthralled with Laura’s sexy toned abs and puts her in a variety of leg spreading submissions where he can caress, fondle and deliver the most hard hitting blows to this sensuous body part. Does Laura give in to the pain or does she find her woman empowerment and put this arrogant asshole in his place once and for all?  Download LGWs “1727-Mixed Wrestling Mayhem – Laura James vs Eli Everfly” and find out if this sexy blonde bombshell survives.

Time Limit ~ 11 min               Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters