1708-Stop Talking Start Wrestling – 2on1 Mixed Wrestling

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1708-Stop Talking Start Wrestling – 2on1 Mixed Maledom Wrestling

Jezabel Romo & Jackylyn vs The Masked Man

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1708-Stop Talking Start Wrestling – 2on1 Mixed Wrestling

featuring Jezabel Romo & Jackylyn vs the Masked Man

Two beautiful sexy women, Jezabel & her sidekick Jackylyn think they have what it takes to take on a male wrestler. Jackie Lynn and Jezabel have the looks but do they have the experience? The Superstar, a sexy Masked Man saunters in yelling who in the fuck are you to our 2 sexy and sassy she cats! Jezabel steps up and laughing in his face challenges him to a handicap match if he is so tough. The match starts and quickly The Superstar is too much for them to handle in this match. A total Pro wrestling male full of tilt o whirl back breakers, abdominal stretches, ass to ass humiliation and more. Superstar strips both their tops off before he piledrives them for the finish in a male dominating match! Download Lucha Girls Wrestlings “1708-Stop Talking Start Wrestling – 2on1 Mixed Wrestling” and watch the annihilation of 2 sexy bikini clad girls!

Time Limit ~ 15 min             Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters