1647-Bully Gets a Belly – 2on1 Mixed

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1647-Bully Gets a Belly Beating – 2on1 Mixed Beatdown

featuring Rosa vs Masked Man & Jezabel Romo

Time Limit ~ 18 min

Format ~ MP4


1647-Bully Gets a Belly – 2on1 Mixed

Bully Rosa makes fun of the wrong soft bellied woman & now its time for her belly shaming !

Featuring Rosa vs Masked Man & Jezabel

1647-Bully Gets a Belly ~ Masked Man and Jezabel just finished working out in the ring, and commenting on how good the workout felt.  Overhearing this, Rosa starts laughing aloud stating that Jezabel is going to need a lot more work if she wants to have a fit toned body.  How fucking insulting this bitch is.  Words are exchanged and with the Masked Man slowly making his way behind Rosa, he suddenly grabs her arms from behind and Jezabel throws a mean punch straight into Rosa’s toned and ripped belly.  Jezabel, with the help of Masked Man is about to teach this sassy little latina a lesson in manners!  They stay on Rosa like a dog on a bone, each taking turns taking shots at Rosa’s midsection.  Punches, stomps, kicks, bites, slaps, clenches, claws and more are aimed at her now exposed belly as Maksed Man rips her shirt off and Jezabel goes crazy on Rosa’s abs. Soon Rosas belly turns painfully red from the abuse but that does not deter the belly duo from thinking of more ways to violate the little latinas tender flesh.  Masked Man grabs her and throws her legs over the top rope giving Jezabel full access to beat this belly.  Jezabel tires of using just her fists, looks around and grabs a long black pole and elastic bands and start smacking the hell out of an outstretched Rosa, causing even more brutality.  This matchup is just downright payback style mean as Jezabel and Masked Man give poor Rosa the of her life.  Maybe next time Rosa will just keep her opinions to herself.  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestling “1647-Bully Gets a Belly – 2on1 Mixed ” and witness for yourself how one bully gets taken care of.  

Time Limit~ 18 min

Format~ MP4