1645-Costume Catfight – Stripdown Catfight Wrestling

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1645-Costume Catfight – Stripdown Catfight Wrestling

featuring Jezabel Romo vs Jackylyn

Time Limit:  9 min

Format:  MP4


1645-Costume Catfight – Stripdown Catfight Wrestling

Jezabel is furious when new girl Jacklynn walks in wearing the same costume, demands she takes it off, or Jezabel will take it off for her….your choice bitch! in LGW’s 1645-Costume Catfight – Stripdown Catfight Wrestling

featuring Jezabel Romo vs Jacklynn

Jezabel is at the ring, getting ready for a costume party when in walks Jackylyn, the naive new girl at Lucha Girls Wrestling wearing the same fucking outfit!  The nerve of this little bitch! Fuck this, I will just demand she take it off and find another costume!  Then this little bitch, laughs in my face tells me that she looks better in it and I should dress more my age????  The nerve of this little bitch!  If she won’t take the costume off, I will take it off for her, and beat her ass just for the hell of it.  Someone needs to teach this little bitch a lesson in respecting your elders, I mean veterans in the ring! Right now, I am just that boss bitch to do it!  I go on the attack, there is nothing I love more than down these stupid younger bitches who think that just because they have a cute ass and pair of tits that they own the world…not my world you stupid little chit!  I am going to teach her a lesson in the most Jeza style I can think of!  Her barely there costume just barely conceals her luscious titties that are just begging to be exposed and molested.  Her little tiny thong is just begging to be yanked and pulled like a rope burn between her shaven pussy lips.  But that exposed tanned and toned belly is what I want to dominate most of all….I love belly punching and am determined to show this little beauty just what I think of her wearing my costume and trying to show me up!  Her skirt is perfect for wrapping around her neck, when she complains to loudly!  I just love the feel of her soft silky skin as I grab and squeeze her perky nipples, rake my nails over her soft vulnerable belly or get a painful handful of her sweet velvety crotch…….this little bitch is fun to put into place.  From gripping her in dominating scissorholds to felling my fist against her flesh I loved scaring the hell out of this one!  But the best part was stripping her out of my fucking costume… that this bitch is taught a lesson in respect,it’s time to go party!  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings “1645-Costume Catfight – Stripdown Catfight Wrestling” and watch how Jackylyn painfully pays for her mistake.

Time Limit ~9 min

Format ~ MP4