1634-Jezabel Beaten – Mixed Submission

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1634-Jezabel Beaten – Mixed Maledom Submission

featuring Jezabel Romo vs The Carlos

Length: 11 min

Format: MP4



1634-Jezabel Beaten – Mixed Submission

Jezabel is on her Montreal vacation and is challenged by a cocky Canadian named Carlos to a frisky “fun” match in 1634-Jezabel Beaten – Mixed Submission

featuring Jezabel Romo vs “The Carlos”

So in this match, I am on vacation in Montreal and decide to accept  friendly little challenge from a local wrestler named Carlos.  He may be used to wrestling little girls in Quebec, but not a real American woman. This match should be easy, this guy doesn’t look to tough, I can take him and yes I must admit that I was feeling a frisky and the thought of wrestling a man again was quite a turn on! The match starts off with a little friendly wrestling style flirting and soon I get him to tap out to my teeny bikini clad wrapped around his body with a submission, telling him he is my bitch.  Ha, this should be pretty easy…or so I thought.  From this point on, Carlos really starts to work me over with his wrestling prowess and strength.  I can’t help but realize that I like this competition.  He slides his arm around my neck just like a anaconda.  This man loves to control and take your breath away, if you know what I mean,  but I am not ready to tap out, if he wants a piece of me, he has to earn it.  The match goes back and forth, each writhing our bodies around each other, sizing each other up, then he really starts to dominate. Turning and twisting my body, every back arching, leg spreading submission he has full control, even ripping my bikini top off in an attempt to humiliate me and I love it.  With pain comes pleasure right?  But there is only so much pain one “little girl” can take, with no air intake. Oh Carlos, you fucking beast!  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings “1634-Jezabel Beaten – Mixed Submission” and watch Jezabel become another Carlos conquest!

Length:  11 min

Format: MP4