1626-El Cheatahs Triumph

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1626-El Cheatahs Triumph

featuring Jezabel Romo vs El Cheatah
LENGTH: 12 mins



1626-El Cheatahs Triumph 

~ a tale of a male dominated pro mixed wrestling match between a horny masked wrestler versus a mere woman wrestler

Jezabel Romo vs El Cheatah

1626-El Cheatahs Triumph ~ Jezabel meets her latest rival in the ring, the infamous El Cheatah.  She wants a serious pro wrestling match and he wants to act like a horny tomcat in heat.  She tries to lock up and he tries to caress and grind against her body.  After a few moments, he gives her the match she wants as they break into a legit pro style match…suddenly he cuts her off and decides it’s time to dominate the situation in a way only El Cheatah can get away with.  With a pro style perverse match, they begin again and this time it seems like Jezabel just may get the upper hand….maybe?  She gets him down and stomps his man part, but doubtfully for long.  She taunts him as she works over his crotch, but suddenly his demeanor goes from pained to perverse once again as he locks her in various submissions and decides to beat her down some more with strikes and moves to her back and neck, causing Jezabel to writhe and moan in pain, but never giving up.  This bitch can handle this cool cat!  Or can she?  He asks her if she gives up and is ready to give it up, but Jezabel digs deep and finds her breasticular fortitude and barely survives, his various back breakers, bodyscissors and hands that just keep grabbing and squeezing her.  El Cheatah seems to perversely enjoy every painful minute of his impending triumph as he Pedigrees her, gives her various splashes off the ropes to her body before finishing her off with a Tombstone Piledriver and crotch smothering 1-2-3 victory!  If you love seeing a woman put brutally in her place, then download Lucha Girls Wrestling “1626-El Cheatahs Triumph”

TIME LIMIT:  12 min








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