1622-Masked Man Meets Silver – Mixed Wrestling

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1622-Masked Man Meets Silver – Maledom Mixed Wrestling

featuring Silver vs The Masked Man
LENGTH: 14 mins



1622-Masked Man Meets Silver – Mixed Wrestling

~ Sassy & Sexy Silver brags a bit too loudly about femdoming a man, Masked Man wants his turn at her now!!

Starring Silver vs the Masked Man

1622-Masked Man Meets Silver – Mixed Wrestling

Silver is known for being over confident and sassy, we don’t know if she feels invincible behind her mask or is she is just that good of a wrestler.  The woman hating brute known simply as The Masked Man wants to find out and arranges to fight her after finding out she dominated and claimed victory over another male wrestler recently.  He is determined to not just break her in Lucha Girls style, but just to break her! He gives her everything and anything he can think of to break not just her spirit but her body!  Elbow & leg drops, knee drops, garvin stomps and more, but this crazy bitch just keeps getting up for more!  She whines and screams in agony, but the Masked Man is relentless.  Finally when he thinks there is just something wrong with this girl, he pulls her into a devastating Powerbomb, but she still won’t quit, it a bout of red fury, Masked Man grabs a few folding chairs from around the ring and delivers one heck of a devastating brain Fire Thunder Piledriver straight on the chairs!! Good God Man!!!  Does is finally finish off poor broken Silver or does she survive the devastation delivered to her hear?  Download Lucha Girls Wrestlings “1622-Masked Man Meets Silver – Mixed Wrestling” and find out.

TIME LIMIT:  14 min










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