1615R-Assassination of Allie Parker

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1615R-Assassination of Allie Parker

featuring Allie Parker vs The Masked Man
LENGTH: 7 mins



1615R-Assassination of Allie Parker

~ Sassy & Sexy Allie steps into the ring with woman hatin’ Masked Man in a Multiple Piledriver Match

Starring Allie Parker vs the Masked Man

1615R-Assassination of Allie Parker – her first mixed Piledriver match

Featuring Allie Parker vs the Masked Man in her First Ever PILEDRIVER match!! Allie enters the ring with the Masked Man and in a display of good sportsmanship holds a hand out to shake her opponents hand. That seems to infuriate the Masked Man, how dare this little bitch try to shake his hand!!  He lets her know he does’nt play that way. Wrestlers are there to beat on each other not shake hands and hug it out! He soon overtakes and overpowers poor smaller Allie and delivers a male dominated that would make any woman hater proud! This poor girl is beaten, slammed, kicked and suffers the ultimate wrath…..Multiple Piledrivers!!! Poor Allie, will she live to fight another day? Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings “The Assassination of Allie Parker” and witness the no woman should ever endure!

TIME LIMIT:  7 min










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