1608- of Jezabel

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1608-Domination of Jezabel

featuring Masked Man vs Jezabel Romo
LENGTH: 17 mins



1608-Dom1nation of Jezabel

~ Topless Mixed Wrestling

Masked Man vs Jezabel Romo

1608-Dom1nation of Jezabel, topless mixed wrestling, featuring Jezabel Romo vs the Masked Man ~ Masked Man loves to show his prowess in the ring, both in wrestling and in sensuality! and today is no exception, but this time I am ready for the son of a bitch, or so I think. I know his antics and am ready for them. BUt his brute strength is another matter. There is something about this man and my treacherous body that makes me keep coming back for more. Is it possible that I actually like to be dominated? Me, Jezabel Romo, the cougar who loves to dominate all the ageless pretty girls who step in my ring, loves to be put in my place by this crazed horny man? I try to fight back, but it’s no use, he is just too strong, every move I can think of, he has a seemingly sensual counter move. He goads me, fondles me and loves to keep my down, but I will not give up dammit! Soon he tires of playing with me and pummels my tender vulnerable belly and pussy! I despise, yet begrudgingly love it! Then he slams my body in various back breaking moves, and suddenly my bra comes off and my perky natural titties are left exposed to his various grabs and grips. I fight back, but to no avail, he is just too strong and I feel myself getting more and more excited. I try to give him a taste of his own medicine and take a bite out of his balls, but he must have balls of steel and it just seem to excite him more and he works over my body with more force than before. It’s such an indescribable pleasurable pain that my body is craving. But I dont know how much more my mind can take, but my body seems to crave his masculine touch and just wont let me submit. Buy Lucha Girls Wrestling Dom1nation of Jezabel and help me decide if this style of match is my personal fetish?

LENGTH: 17 mins








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