1600-Manners…Be Damned – Female Pro Wrestling

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1600 – Manners….Be Damned – Female Pro Wrestling

Featuring Jezabel Romo vs Jessie Belle

Time Limit ~ 12 min

Format ~ MP4


1600-Manners…Be Damned -Female Pro Wrestling

Featuring Jezabel Romo vs Jessie Belle

Jezabel, being a So Cal native loves her yoga and meditation and is having a zen moment in the ring when she is rudely and loudly interrupted by southern girl Jessie Belle pops her ass right next to Jezabel….zen moment be damned.   Upon learning who her unmannerly intruder is, Jezabel knows this girl is going to be a thorn in her side.  This brazen flame haired chica is the infamous Jessie Belle, who Jezabel accuses of trying to steal her very own name.  Lets just say these girls will probably never be BFF’s.  Jessie Belle pulls the naive innocent Southern ignorance to Jezabels street wise innuendos and this match is on!  These seasoned female pro wrestlers are in the ring and determined to do what they do best…..wrestle their sexy asses off!  Jezabel knows that she can’t out wrestle Jessie Belle unless she reverts to some of her street strategy and starts just that from the git go.  But Jessie Belle anticipates just that and is ready prive her prowess in the Lucha Girls ring.  This match goes back and forth as neither girl is ready to lose to the other, but their can only be one winner…..will it be the SoCal Latina or the Southern sassy girl?  Download LGWs “1600-Manners…Be Damned – Female Pro Wrestling” and witness all the action.

Time Limit ~ 12 min               Format ~ MP4


All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters