1578-Smackin’ That Ass – Ass Smack Wrestling

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1578-Smackin’ That Ass – Ass Smack Wrestling

featuring Jezabel Romo vs Savannah Fox

Time Limit ~ 9 min

Format ~ MP4


1578-Smackin’ That Ass – Ass Smack Wrestling

feat Jezabel Romo vs Savannah Fox

Jezabel is met in the ring by Savannah Fox and her “famous ass”.  Lets just say that Jezabel is less than impressed by this sexy sassy chica.  But Savannah is determined to prove her wrestling prowess to the latina cougar. She challenges Jezabel to a Loser Kisses Ass match, thinking she can easily take on and reign victoriously the older woman.  But Jezabel has alot of experience with these younger, overconfident lil bitches who think that can shake their asses to get their way in this world and is determined to give her an ass smackin’ rude awakening!  This match contains a whole lot of ass smacking submission holds, scissorholds, a bit of facesitting and some comical smack talking too. If you like alot of ass to fill the screen, then this is the match for you!  Download LGW’s “1578-Smackin That Ass – Ass Smack Wrestling”

Time Limit ~ 9 min                    Format ~ MP4

All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

Savannah is returning to Lucha Girls for 1 day only on Tuesday March 6, 2018!  Be the booker of your very own wrestling match with these sexy bitches!