1552-Dissension in the Dojo – Multiple Piledriver Match

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1552-Dissension in the Dojo – Multiple Piledriver Match

Featuring Jezabel Romo vs Rosa

Time Limit ~ 14 min

Format ~ MP4


1552-Dissension in the Dojo – Multiple Piledriver Match

featuring Jezabel Romo vs Rosa

Rosa has been getting a bigger and bigger name in the wrestling community, both on the circuit and in customs.  Unfortunately, it seems as though her ego has grown bigger than her name as she has been talking trash and saying that she is going to do a hostile takeover on Jezabels very own made from the ground up company Lucha Girls.  Jezabel overhears this nonsense while taking time off at a country western concert and is furious. She leaves the concert to come and confront the sassy over confident bitch named Rosa about these rumors. From the start you can tell that both girls do not think too highly of the other as they hurl subtle (and not so subtle) insults at each other.  Rosa admits that she wants this company and can do a better job in running it. Jezabel is not about to let her company go that easily. Rosa challenges Jezabel to a match putting Lucha Girls on the line. Jezabel quickly accepts. Let’s hope that Jezabel is thinking with her business sense and not with her own fiery Latina quick fired temper. The match starts and soon it’s clear that both girls are fighting for keeps and Rosa even resorts to stealing Jezabels personal finishing move…the piledriver and piledriving the sense out of Jezabel.  But does Jezabel stay down, or does she stand up in retaliation and make Rosa pay with her very own body and brain bustin piledrivers? Download LGW’s 1552-Dissension in the Dojo and find out just who owns Lucha Girls Wrestling!

Time Limit ~ 14 min         Format ~ MP4


All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters