1545-Bikini Vi0lence ~ Girly Girl Catfight

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1545-Bikini Vi0lence – Girly Girl Catfight

Jennifer Thomas vs Madison Swan

Time Limit ~ 11 min

Format ~ MP4


1545-Bikini Vi0lence – Girly Girl Catfight

Jennifer Thomas vs Madison Swan

Jennifer meets Madison Swan for the first time and is definitely not impressed with this twiggy pale chica.  In Jennifer’s opinion the only thing that’s big on this girl is the chip on her shoulder. Jennifer points out that she should be humble considering she lost her recent match to Jezabel.  Madison confidently assures the tanned muscular Jennifer thats just more reason to be determined to kick her ass in this match. The match begins and, obviously most people don’t have poor Madisons back, I mean look at her, her waist is smaller than Jennifer’s muscle filled thigh for crying out loud!  But Madison proves that she won’t be blown over like a rose petal in the wind. She is a feisty sassy bikini clad little chick who isn’t going to give up easily, if at all. Jennifer bends her, stretches her, yanks her around by her long shiny hair all the while pummeling Madisons poor body. But Madison still is in it to win it and prove herself on her first day in the Lucha Girls ring!  Jennifer slams, punches, leaves her craving air, kicks her and more. Madison has her own trick up her sleeve, but is it enough to take Jennifer down, or does Jennifer use her Lucha Girls seniority to get the back up she needs to hand out a beat down and win? Check out LGW’s 1545-Bikini Vi0lence – Girly Girl Catfight and see if Madison can prove she has what it takes to be a Lucha Girl!

Customer Review ~ This video is a great example of a powerful female (Thomas) and a cocky but sneaky smaller wrestler (Swan). Thomas is unstoppable as she bends, slams, stretches and carries her over confident opponent around a ring she controls from the start. There is a surprise near the end you won’t believe and an even sexier surprise to close out this very entertaining match. Wonderful work ladies!

Time Limit ~ 11 min          Format ~ MP4


All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters