1522-Get Your Own Damn Gear Bitch – Female Pro Wrestling

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1522-Get Your Own Damn Gear Bitch! – Female Pro Wrestling

Jennifer Thomas vs Amber ONeal

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1522-Get Your Own Damn Gear bitch! – Female Submission Wrestling

Jennifer Thomas vs Amber ONeal

The tanned, toned, and muscular Jennifer Thomas is in the ring, stretching out her thick legs impatiently awaiting for her opponent.  She loves her brand new custom made Cougar print entrance dress and 1 piece suit. Southern sassy blonde bombshell, Amber O’Neal saunters on in late because she wanted to wear her brand new custom made skin tight bright pink entrance dress with matching 1 piece wrestling gear. Complimenting each others’ curves, They realize that they must have gone to the same gear person, except for the actual fabric & print, they are dressed pretty much exactly alike dammit! So much for fucking originality!!!  Jennifer calls a halt of the “positivity fest” moment to ensure Amber that tonight the only thing outshining her is Amber’s sparkly bright pink gear. Both ladies being submission specialists, it makes us wonder, who will come out on top as the best? This match starts off with some back and forth traditional wrestling from the sexy ladies, each trying to size the other up and make the other submit. Trading leg submissions and body scissors, Amber soon realizes she may have found her match competitively and to give herself an unfair advantage, low blows Jennifer right between the legs. Using her thick thighs and bootylicious butt, Amber regains control but is it enough to outshine Jennifer and make her tap?  Download LGW’s 1522-Get Your Own Damn Gear Bitch – Female Submission Wrestling and find out for yourself! Who are you rooting for…the SoCal Sexy Jennifer Thomas or the Southern Girl Sass Amber ONeal?

Time Limit ~ 11 min               Format ~ MP4

All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters