1003R-Girly Girl Catfight 3 – Topless Tussle

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1003R-Girly Girl Catfight – Topless Tussle

Lucky O’Shea vs Amanda Murphy

Time Limit ~ 11 min

Format ~ MP4


1003R-Girly Girl Catfight 3 – Topless Tussles

Lucky O’Shea vs Amanda Murphy

Lucky and Amanda have a score to settle….a topless score…..on who is better a catfight wrestler or a pro wrestler? Now Lucky the pro wrestler knows she can school Amanda and pretzel her up in submissions while Amanda the catfighting grappler thinks she can just grab ass, tits, hair and crotch and submit Lucky? But she forgets that Lucky may be a professional in the wrestling world, but she likes to win by any means necessary, even if that means she plays dirty and fights Amanda in her own style! Place your bets boys as this match takes you from a kickboxing start to a hairpulling tapout..but who says “I give” and who claims victory?  Download LGW’s 1003R-Girly Girl Catfight – Topless Tussles and find out.

Time Limit ~   11 min                        Format ~ MP4

All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters