Pro vs MMA Challenge – Loser Stripped!

featuring Jezabel Romo vs Gia Primo – So who is the toughest, most dominate force to be reckoned with…the Pro Wrestler or the MMA Fighter? We find out today in a , hard hitting, in your face match! Jezabel has years of pro wrestling experience, yet Gia Primo specializes in Jiu Jitsu & various Martial Arts. Both girls meet in the ring, Jezabel in loud & proud USA gear and Gia in a quiet nondescript MMA Gi. In the beginning, Gia is no match for Jezabel. She tries to do a clean fair fight, but Jezabel using her wrestling skills & tactics, also introduces Gia to the pro side of forearms to the face, stomps to the midsections and knees to the crotch and general dirty fighting! Gia tries to apply various MMA submission moves, but just can’t clinch them in before Jezabel already has reversed them! Gia almost gets her in a straight arm bar, but once again Jezabel’s pro wrestling prowess comes into play and she gets out! Jezabel starts to use Gia’s own moves against her, stating that “we do this in Pro too, but we get to and strike as well…hahaha” Then she takes the poor weakened MMA fighter thru various moves – Back breakers, Russian Leg Sweep, Irish whips & clothelines in the corner…its getting . Much to Gia’s dismay, she is stripped down to her bra and panties!! Jezabel continues to humilate and cause pain to poor Gia with Boston Crabs, Head Scissors, a Piledriver even choking her out with her own black belt, just plain body the pretty exotic beauty!! She is about to finish her off and starts taking off her bra when all of a sudden Gia explodes with a low blow to Jezabel. But is that enough to take down the bigger stronger Jezabel?? And who gets stripped down to all baring humiliation?? Find out in the tit & pussy baring, torturing, ass smacking, crotch smashing ending!!! Buy Lucha GirlsPro vs MMA Challenge – Loser Stripped! It gets ladies and gentlemen…..just down right depraved!!
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Who is the better fighter & who gets STRIPPED & HUMILIATED? GIa Primo, the MMA Fighter or Jezabel Romo, the Pro Wrestler? Find out in Lucha Girls Pro vs MMA Challenge – Loser Stripped – DIRECTORS CUT!!

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