Playfully Serious Mixed Wrestling

Playfully Serious Wrestling – Mixed Pro Wrestling
featuring Sassy Allie Parker vs a Bad Dude ~ Allie Parker just can’t seem to get enough of that damn Bad Dude! They meet in the ring once again and this time, Bad Dude is getting really perturbed at her nonchalant playful attitude towards wrestling. Can’t she just be more respectful and take wrestling for the serious sport it is? They start of with some hold to hold, but you can tell that Bad Dude is biding his time and toying with this sexy bikini clad smart ass! He finally gets tired of her and her sarcasm and really starts to put her in various painful submissions, stretching her toned lithe body to its limits. She fights back with the strength of her muscular thighs, scissoring him quite snugly. But will it keep him down or will more pain be inflicted on her luscious body? Find out in Playfully Serious Mixed Wrestling.
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Allie Parker and Bad Dude are always available for custom match requests.  Have a dream match in mind for either of these sexy fighters?  Email today and let us make your dream match a reality!