Piledriver Prisoner!!

Piledriver Prisoner!! – Multiple Piledriver Punishment
featuring Jezabel Romo vs a Masked Piledriving Punisher ~ He was walking by the Lucha Girl Wrestling gym and noticed a single person inside, a woman dressed in black yoga pants and small black sports bra. He watched her for a few moments thinking dark brooding thoughts of what he can do to the girl. In an instant he also thought of all of the fucking bitches who have laughed in his face when all he wanted was a smile and kind word. Fuck this bitch, he thought to himself! I am going to take this bitch and cause her all the pain and suffering that I endured from these uppity arrogant cunts! He enters and grabs the first thing he sees, a long pipe and slams it on the ground to get the sluts attention. She looks up startled and immediately is ful of dread and fear. She runs away, like she can really get away from me, he thinks and like a true predator gives chase. It doesn’t take long to capture and corner his victim. Slamming the pipe into her stomach, the attack is on! Poor Jezabel is completely in and under his control. All he wants to do is cause pain and more pain to this fucking bitch! What better way to hurt the begging pitiful frightened woman…Piledrivers, every kind this madman can think of. How many can Jezabel take before her body is just too battered to withstand the punishment? Buy Piledriver Prisoner!! and witness the Jezabel takes at the hands of a Piledriving Madman!!
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Jezabel Romo, alone in the dojo, is taken prisoner and attacked by a crazed Piledriver Madman in Lucha Girls Piledriver Prisoner!! Multiple Piledrivers!!!