Piledriver Perversions 17

Piledriver Perversions 17 – Fuck Fondle We Want Pro! 

featuring Jezabel Romo vs Lucky OShea w/ Lucy ~

Jezabel is out to meet a new potential Lucha Girl named Lucy. She looks her over and decides to test the girl and suddenly attacks her with a head bashing DDT! She is about to have her fun with her, when Lucky walks in and stops her…the stupid bitch! Well if Jezabel can’t have Lucy, she will feed her piledriver fetish on Lucky! Lucky is out and Jezabel goes for the gold…right between the crotch of Lucky, when Lucky slams her legs tightly around Jezabel’s head in a painful head scissor! Now is Luckys time to piledrive and take full vengeful payback to the sexy latina cougar! She pulls out some of her favorite toys to use in the beauty! She is awakened with Lucky using a highly charged vibrator and since Lucky is in complete control all Jezabel can do is groggily accept the forced orgasm! The next day, Jezabel catches Lucky in the ring working out and after a brief exchange of words and insults, they decide to have another serious pro wrestling match to determine once and for all who is the Piledriver Queen! The match takes place with only one winner…but who is it? Watch Piledriver Perversions 17 – Fuck Fondle, We Want Pro! and find out!

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Jezabel and Lucky are at it again in the most fun Sensual Piledriving Wrestling series ever…Lucha Girls Wrestlings Piledriver Perversions 17 – Fuck Fondle, We Want Pro! Multiple Piledrivers and Sexy Women, can’t get much better than that!!