Piledriver Perversions 12 – Laylas Fate

Piledriver Perversions 12 – Laylas Fate – Sensual Piledriver Wrestling
featuring Hot tempered Latina Jezabel Romo vs Cuban cutie Luscious Layla ~ in this continuing saga of sensual and perverse piledriving pleasure, we finally see who is behind the piledriving, dominating force of Jezabel’s attacks on younger, prettier girls…it’s YOU!! Mr X himself is directing this match thru the camera lens, directing Jezabel to beat, grope, fondle and tease these younger girls with piledrivers and sensuality beyond their years. You. Mr X instructs Jezabel to set up Layla to come in for training, all the while craving her young lithe toned body, you command Jezabel to destroy her, but Layla has other plans and has learned a thing or two about wrestling Jezabel. She dominates at first, hitting Jezabel with a mind blowing DDT, but that is where she mistakenly gets cocky and forgets to pin Jezabel, rather going to talk to you thru the camera…..Jezabel comes too and it’s on! She viciously goes after Layla, and taking advantage of the lethargic Layla….exposing & playing with her perky lil Cuban titties, grabbing her between her muscular thighs and getting away with what she can. As Layla comes to, she is hit with another stunning piledriver….can she survive this erotic ? Buy now and see for yourself…Mr X!!! Buy Lucha GirlsPiledriver Perversions 12 – Laylas Fate” and watch the molestation of Luscious Layla at the vengeful hands of Jezabel!
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Layla enters the ring & is attacked with piledrivers and sensual by Jezabel in Lucha Girls “Piledriver Perversions 12 – Laylas Fate

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