Pedigree Me

Pedigree Me – Mixed Pro Wrestling
featuring Jezabel Romo vs The Masked Man ~ Jezabel has been feeling good these days and decides to make a public challenge for a Pedigree Match. The notorious woman Masked Man answers this open call and the match is on. Jezabel very quickly realizes that she is way out of her league as her cougar aged body takes a real in this match. Not only does she get the Pedigree she asked for, she also gets bodybusted with multiple piledrivers and painful body streching punishment! Buy Pedigree Me and witness the of Jezabel!
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***Both Jezabel & the Masked Man are available to fullfill all your fantasy wrestling matches!  Email for more info!***

The Masked Man vs Jezabel Romo in Pedigree Me – Mixed Pro Wrestling



Masked Man tries to Jezabel out! Oh NO!!



Jezabel screams in pain from this Back breaking submission!



Not another Piledriver!! Fucking OUCH!!