Patriotic Beatdowns!

We hope everyone had an awesome weekend and that our fellow Americans had an even more awesome Independance Day!  We closed the offices at Lucha Girls to celebrate the holiday, but we have 2 hot, sexy Patriotic Beatdowns style of matches for everyone to enjoy!  As you can see, our girls, whether American or Canadian like Mutiny, play hard and love bring you the best in female wrestling!

Check out our matches below:

God Bless American Gals! – Playful Pro Style Fight
Featuring Jezabel Romo vs Lucky OShea Jezabel, is in a giddy happy mood today, she loves to wrestle on United States of America’s Independance Day and she drank too much Happy Hootchie juice. Lucky on the other had, just wants to get this match done and away from the unusually happy Jezabel. Jezabel is like a big that doesn’t realize her strength as she toys and plays with Lucky, her around the ring. When Lucky tries to escape the crazy bitches antics, she rolls out of the ring calling Jezabel a freak. Now this just hurts poor Jezabels feelings and she decides to attempt to stuff Lucky in the trash can……but does Lucky get trashed or does she escape and finally come to life branding her own style of Lucha Girl punishment to Jezabel! This is a pro style match, with some silly banter between the girls as the fight progresses. Buy “God Bless American Girls” and watch the antics of Lucha Girls on Independance Day!  
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Lucha Girls presents God Bless American Girls – Lucky OShea vs Jezabel Romo


feat US Army Vet Jezabel Romo vs Canadian Bred Beauty Mutiny ~ Jezabel is feeling pretty good about herself & her country on this awesome Independance Day in the good ole US of A – and her love of up girls half her age! But Mutiny comes back to taunt Jezabel in a way that just visually insults Jezabel and her patriotic pride!! Mutiny is wearing the USA colors and flaunting them in the tiniest bikini imaginable! Indignantly Jezabel confronts Mutiny and demands to know what this mockery is all about? After a bit of hurled insults back and forth with Mutiny taking one look at the proud Jezabel and stating that Jezabel could never wear this bikini as the world knows that USA is known for obese woman, they come up with a gentlewomens wager – if Jezabel representing the USA can Lift & Carry Mutiny for 3 minutes, then she can beat the hell out of Mutiny’s flat belly. If she loses then Mutiny gives Jezabel 50 shots to the belly! The stipulation is that Jezabel can change L&C positions, but must do it in continuous motion, no breaks…..she gets close, but Mutiny vindictively making herself as heavy and lifeless as possible is determind to win! And win she does! Giving Jezabel a 50 shot Belly salute that she will never forget, best regards from Canada!  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestling’sWagering Women – Lift & Carry Bellypunch Bets” and watch The USA and Canada battle it out!
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Canadian born Mutiny insults the Patriotic Cougar Jezabel Romo by wearing the USA colors in the tiniest bikini imaginable!