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Pantyhose Hussys – Pantyhose Catfighting – Jezabel Romo vs Lucky OShea
In this bout, we have the seasoned veteran Sexy Latina Jezabel versus beautiful luscious Irish Lass Lucky O’shea. I knew going into this bout with Lucky, I stood a damn good chance at being the victor. You see my wrestling school, Santino Bros Wrestling was where Lucky got her start in wrestling! I may have taught her most of what she currently knows, but I never taught her everything I know….LOL. So at the beginning of this match, I easily school her and take her down just to see how much heart she has in this match, how much confidence can she muster? I soon find out that Lucky her stronger than she looks and can definitely withstand painful submissions without tapping!! I mean I was putting all my strength into these holds and she withstood almost everything without tapping!! hair pulling, body scissors, cross face submissions, you name it, I tried everything! This girl loves pain, it seems! And a feisty lil bitch she was! Thinking I was going to lose on top of that I was getting truly exhausted due to the muscle strain of holding these moves, I was at my wits end! I tried to overpower her with a standing head scissors and still she wouldn’t tap! I mounted her enduring young body, locked her legs in a spread eagle leg lock to no avail. She still would not relent! Then she almost got me, ripping my shirt off, vindictively pinching my nipples and trying to hold me in one of my own power submissions,….the body scissor!! This lil bitch had some nerve, I tell ya…….. Now that just plain pissed me off!! Finally getting the upper hand, I decided to attempt one last time to apply my beautiful muscular thick legs around her lovely exposed neck and pummel her belly with punches, let’s see how she likes that!
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