Pantyhose Catfight Tournament – 4 Sexy Fighters 3 matches 1 video

Hello Wrestling Fans,

We have 4 gorgeous female wrestlers – Jezabel, Lucky, Amanda and VIP – ready to battle it out in sheer pantyhose and bras in this catfight tournament! 3 matches in one hot 45+ min download.  Check out 1451-Hostile Hosiery-Pantyhose Tournament

1451-Hostile Hosiery – Pantyhose Tournament

Jezabel Romo, Lucky OShea, Amanda & VIP

In this tournament – we have 4 sexy fighters who have entered in this Bra & Pantyhose Wrestling Tournament.  4 girls, 3 rounds, 1 winner means a whole lotta of sexy wrestling by she cats who all desire the title of Queen of the Ring!  First round is Sassy Irish Lass Lucky O’Shea (aka Crystal Clark)  versus blonde bombshell Amanda.  Second round is a battle of the luscious latinas!  Veteran wrestler Jezabel Romo takes on catfighter VIP.  The winner of these 2 rounds will face each other in the final round.  These matches contain catfighting, hairpulling, body bending submissions, body scissors, cross face submissions, thigh squeezing head scissors etc all in just a pair of sexy satiny pantyhose and lacy bras!.  These girls leave it all in the ring including a wrestler who loses her top in a fight for victory! Who would you put your wager on?  Which girl tickles your fancy?  Download LGW’s 1451-Hostile Hosiery-Pantyhose Tournament and watch over 45 minutes of brutally beautiful female wrestling.

Time Limit ~ 46 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters