Olympic Beatdowns #1 – USA vs Italy – Stripdown

Olympic Beatdowns 1 – USA vs Italy – Stripdown

featuring Jezabel Romo (USA) vs Luscious Layla (Italy)

Olympic Beatdowns 1 – USA vs Italy – Stripdown ~ Time for another worldwide stripdown in Olympic Beatdowns 1 – USA vs Italy – Stripdown at Lucha Girls Wrestling. In this bout, we have Jezabel representing the good ol United States of America latina style versus Italian beauty Luscious Layla! Both girls are ready and willing to win or lose it all in the ring, including their cute little patriotic one piece bathing suit and sexy stylish boots! Each girl is determined to win for their beloved country. Their match starts with a bit of international insults and soon turns into a bitch brawl! Layla gets the bright idea to challenge Jezabel to a Stripdown match, unknowingly challenging the one girl who has the most experience here at Lucha Girls in this particular type of match. Jezabel being a horny and heelishly aggressive type of fighter takes great pleasure in , groping and stripping these young bitches out of their gear and gleefully accepts the challenge with a kick to Layla’s belly followed by rushing her to the corner for some good old fashioned belly punching a pussy grabbing! Layla tries to fight back and even grabs Jezabel by her long black hair shoving her off. Jezabel recovers quickly and attacks Layla in a body scissor against the ropes, using every advantage she can evilly think of. After all, this is her ring and she knows how to get full painful use out of it! But Layla is no light powder puff type of girl, she can be just as arrogantly as Jezabel and she fights back with all her might! Jezabels prowess once again shines thru as she gets Layla to the mat, mounts her and gets her suit halfway off, exposing Laylas lilly white Italian tittys, grabbing! But Layla is not done yet! She fights back with everything she has, as feisty and squirrely as ever! Jezabel goes after her like a hungry on a bone and even bites Layla’s nipple! But Layla just won’t give up they tackle, grab, squeeze and doing anything they can think of to beat the other fighter. Layla almost gets Jezabels suit all the way off and even luckily gets Jezabel locked in a breathtaking headscissor. She strips Jezabel, leaving her fully naked and exposed on the mat and starts talking trash to the camera. Oh you stupid girl! Now Jezabel is awake, fully naked and extremely angry in a vengeful sort of way poor Layla. She takes all of her frustrations out on the poor Italian damsel, mounting her, biting her and striking her brutally, even leaving red marks across her perky little breasts,then she takes her revenge by sitting on Laylas face with her pussy fully exposed and all over Laylas face. Making her say that the USA is the best, twisting Laylas pussy in her bathing suit in a tight squeezing cameltoe before stripping the suit all the way off and putting her over her knee and delivering an ass reddening ass spanking! Oh Layla just doesn’t know when the and brutality will end, she can only scream in agony before Jezabel finally finishes her off with a forward facing pussy all over your face head scissor! Download Lucha Girls Wrestlings Olympic Beatdowns 1 – USA vs Italy ~ Stripdown and watch the battle of the worlds collide!

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Time Limit:  16 min

Format:  MP4

Olympic Beatdowns 1 - USA vs Italy - Stripdown

Olympic Beaatdowns 1 - USA vs Italy - Stripdown


Olympic Beatdowns 1 - USA vs Italy - Stripdown

Olympic Beatdowns 1 - USA vs Italy - Stripdown

Olympic Beatdowns - USA vs Italy - Stripdown