Oh No! Delilah is in a Camel Clutch nightmare!

Hello Mixed Wrestling Fans!

Cute perky Delilah Doom is back with a mind for revenge. She demands a rematch against her biggest nemesis here at Lucha Girls….devious Dom Kubrick himself!  She wants a Camel Clutch rematch and she wants it right Gosh darn now in LGW’s 1384-Camel Clutch Cravings – The Rematch!

1384-Camel Clutch Cravings – The Rematch!

Delilah Doom vs Dom Kubrick

Sale Price $6.99

***this the is the rematch to 1403-Camel Clutch Cravings***

Spunky Aerobic Queen Delilah is still fuming about her recent loss to Dom Kubrick.  She still feels the pain of the camel clutch submissions he brutally put her through!  And now she wants a Gosh darn rematch.  She refuses to be manhandled by this brute ever again dammit!  The man she is spewing threats to just happens to overhear her talking (to herself) about how she is going to break Dom!  He is simply amused by Delilah’s “big strong” pep talk.  She spies him and that just raised her temper even more!  Her challenge is accepted and the match is on….right here, right now! As much as Delilah would love to imagine and dream that she can dominate Dom, it soon becomes apparent that Dom maliciously has other back breaking plans for poor lil Delilah!  Oh No, what was she thinking about challenging him???  Can her back and body take another multiple camel clutch ?  Is her pain tolerance really that high?  Find out in LGW’s 1384-Camel Clutch Cravings – The Rematch!

Time Limit ~ 5 Min  /  Format ~ MP4

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