Oh No! Crystal Clark beaten by Masked Luchadors in 1419-Crystals Condemnation!

Hello Mixed Wrestling Fans,

Courageous Crystal Clark finds herself in the ring with a couple of mean assed Luchadors who just want to break out lil perky blonde bikini clad beauty in LGW’s 1419-Crystal’s Condemnation – 2on1 Mixed Beat Down.

1419-Crystals Condemnation – 2on1 Mixed Beat Down

Crystal Clark vs The Luchadors

Crystal Clark is so happy to be back in the ring and can’t wait for this next match!  She is all decked out in a teeny tiny purple bikini and ready to wrestle! But her opponent isn’t who Crystal thinks she is…or in this case, as Crystal soon realizes, her opponents.  She is confronted by 2 masked wrestlers who just seem to have a not so friendly vibe to them.  Crystal soon finds herself in a very precarious situation as these 2 evil luchadors are out to play… body type of play and poor Crystal is their prey!  This malicious couple just wants to cause as much beat down brutality as possible.  They gang up on weak vulnerable Crystal and she is in for a horrifying match.  But can she take it?  The Luchadors bend, stomp, punch, and put her in the most humiliating submissive positions…..legs spread, ass smacked, cunt grabbed and titty squeezing, all the while they taunt Crystal and mock her cries, screams and moans.  This match is a must see!  To see how our lovely Crystal fares at the end, download LGW’s 1419-Crystals Condemnation – 2on1 Mixed Beat Down

Time Limit ~ 14 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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