Oh Damn! Jennifer insults Jezabel and her new bikini in 1381- Bikini Brawls

Greetings Sexy People!

Jennifer Thomas came back to my ring and tried to insult me and my new bikini?  Oh this bitch really needs an ass whoopin’ and I am just the cougar to give it to her!  Or does she finally fight dirty and finally beat me?  Check out 1381- Bikini Brawl – Fantasy Wrestling and find out who reigns victorious and who is left in a humiliated defeat?

1381- Bikini Brawl – Fantasy Wrestling

Jezabel Romo vs Jennifer Thomas

Sale Price ~ $10.99

Well damn, I have had so many matches against this haughty bitch Jennifer Thomas, but like a bad memory, she just keeps invading my peaceful existence with her tramp ass attitude! This time she seems to have issues with my new “conservative” bikini! I mean what the fuck, its not like I am kicking her ass (again) and making her wear it!  But she just can’t keep her bitchy opinions to herself and once again I feel the need to put this bitch in her place!  Lets rock bitch!  Now she may be younger, not by much though, but her bitchiness has never stood a chance against my Latina temper!  The match starts and this bitch starts to use her muscles to manhandle me to the mat and makes me kiss her ass! Kiss it? No bitch!  I am going to bite that juicy booty!  She wants to fight dirty, well I can fight even dirtier! But damn, this bitch never gives up!  We go back and forth with strikes and I even get her in a little camel clutch, but she just won’t stay down!  All my efforts and ideas are seeming to backfire on me!  What the fuck??  It seems like I really have to stay one cheating step ahead of Ms Thomas because I damn sure am not going to lose this fucking match!  Whatever she wants to do, stomp, kick, apply body bending Boston Crabs, whatever, you think you are bitch enough to hang with me?  Bring it bitch, may the best and most ruthless cougar win!  Download 1381- Bikini Brawl-Fantasy Wrestling and watch all the action!  Place your bets baby, this match is hot!

Time Limit ~ 10 min /  Format ~ MP4

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