Oh Damn! Heather & Cece make a wager! Its a Loser Leaves Town match!!

Greetings Wrestling Fans,

Tonights main event fight is a battle between 2 fierce blonde bombshells – Heather Monroe vs Cece Chanel – as they fight for the same coveted booking.  They get so heated that they challenge each other to a Loser Leaves Town match!  Uh oh ladies, who stays and who leaves sunny SoCal?  Find out in LGW’s 1418-Battle of the Blondies – Loser Leaves Town!

1418-Battle of the Blondies – Loser Leaves Town

Heather Monroe vs Cece Chanel

Lately , it seems that even though they are friends and wrestling  comrades, Pro Wrestlers Heather Monroe and Cece Chanel have been pitted against each other for any booking that needs a blonde.  Both girls feel like they are on the top of their pro wrestling game and each feels like they deserve the coveted spot or booking.  But alas, there can only be one!  Which brings us to what happened last time they met at the LGW dojo.  Cece hates being in competition with anyone, let alone another blonde and a fake one at that!  I mean, come on, no one has that platinum blonde hair naturally.  Heather on the other hand handles it a bit more nonchalantly stating it’s her real hair, because she bought it.  (typical damn blondes LOL)   Cece suggests a little wager, a Loser Leaves Town type of wager!  Heather is a gambling woman and instantly takes this bet.  The match begins and each hot chica tries  to get the  upper hand through a series of chain wrestling.   Both girls want to win this damn wager and be the only blonde in town!  they start trying to mind fuck each  other with cutting, nasty insults being hurled at each other and even their wrestling starts to get more aggressive as each tries to get any type of submission lock available to them.  Where Heather seems to take as healthy competition, Cece starts to turn more and more into a sexy heel and gets the upper hand. She wants to win by any means necessary dammit and she means to make Heather beg and tap out.  But Heather is no shrinking dainty little flower and gives back all of her experience to stay in this fight remembering that she is in fact Cece’s veteran in the ring!  Neither girl has any intention of leaving the sunny Southern California coast and this fight soon turns !  But ultimately there can only be one blonde bombshell and one sexy blonde packing her bags and leaving town.  Download LGW’s 1418-Battle of the Blondies – Loser Leaves Town and find out who leaves town.  

Time Limit ~ 13 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches fully scripted and are performed by trained professionals, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters