New Wedgie Match – 1542-Its Wedgie Time 2 – Jezabel vs Jennifer

Hello Wedgie Wrestling Fans!

We have got the dirtiest forced wedgie match just for you! Jezabel makes Jennifer suffer the ultimate humiliation in this wedgie filled fierce battle – 1542-Its Wedgie Time 2 – Wedgie Catfight!!!

1542-Its Wedgie Time 2 – WedgieDom1nation Catfight

Jezabel Romo vs Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas is in the Lucha Girls ring, boasting how she is about to give Jezabel a painful reality check for all the times Jezabel has humiliated and embarrassed her in past matches.  But Jezabel overhears this bragging bitch and has her own devious wedgie filled plans for Jennifer. This match starts off with a quick yank of the thong and equal plans of wedgie pain from each of these sexy wrestlers.  Both fighters give it their all to get the upper hand and keep their thongs out of their luscious asses! But soon Jezabels devious dirty fighting tactics take over and poor muscular beauty Jennifer is screaming and howling in pain as Jezabel yanks her poor thong beyond any pussy and ass crack comfortability!  You would be amazed how these tiny pieces of cloth can stretch and twist brutally between the legs! But Jennifer is no a weak inexperienced bitch and fights back. Jezabel anticipating this, has even more raunchy ideas in mind for Jennifer and even uses the toilet and a filthy trash can to make Jennifer bow down in total disgrace!  Download LGWs 1542-Its Wedgie Time 2 – Wedgie Dom1nation Catfight! And witness the humbling shame that Jezabel makes Jennifer endure. ***Contains a special behind the scenes chat with our sexy fighters!

Time Limit ~ 16 min           Format ~ MP4

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***Customer Review ~ “great job! thank you both so much for taking on this script! it really means a lot to me! and please let jen know that i appreciate the willingness she had to go through what she did, as well as yourself of course” – FM

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