New Talent on Feb 21 Shoot – Tomiko and Syren

Breaking News!! 

New Talent on Feb 21 Shoot – Tomiko and Syren Delicious 

You read that correct!  We have just added new fighters Tomiko and Syren Delicious to our Lucha Girls Las Vegas Shoot on February 21 2019 shoot.

Get your wrestling juices flowing and send us your scripts!  


Fighters available are Lucha Girls Originals Jezabel Romo & Jennifer Thomas and visiting fighters Jenevieve Hexx, Tomiko and Syren Delicious!

This is not a pro wrestler “I won’t wear a thong bikini” shoot.  These girls can wrestle, fight and really bring it and they are not afraid to do it in a bikini, lingerie or maybe even….hmmmm what do you think?

This is the chance for you to be the booker of your very own dream match!  Write the script (with time limit), tell us who you want to fight for you and even what you want the sexy fighters to wear and we will make your fantasy match a reality!  For starting match rates – click here