New talent New Mixed Match feat Megan vs Masked Man

Hello LGW Fans!

Megan Jones has arrived and is making her Lucha Girls debut. We thought what better match up for this sexy sassy chica than to put her against our woman hating Masked Man in 1492-Manhandling of Megan Jones – Mixed Wrestling. Check it out.

1492-Manhandling of Megan Jones – Mixed Wrestling

Megan Jones vs Masked Man

Voluptuous vixen Megan Jones is making her debut at Lucha Girls and is awaiting her first opponent.  She is cocky and confident that no matter who she is booked against they will not walk away with the win.  In saunters Masked Man who reeks of testosterone filled arrogance. Already these 2 sexy fighters have a personality clash but with a bit of sensual tension.  They have flirty yet forceful banter back and forth before this heated match and as soon as it starts, Megan realizes this brute might just be more than she can handle.  She may have the height advantage, but Masked Man seems to have the hatred advantage in his feelings towards women in his ring. He soon starts to manhandle the blue haired bitch with body and face strikes, head bashes in the turnbuckles and tendon & muscle stretching body submissions.  He is showing no mercy and basking in the glory of beat down beauty before him…stretched over his knee in a back bending throat stretching pro wrestling hold. This match contains a combination of pro wrestling moves with the brutality of a man dominatng a woman every which wrestling way he can.  Megan tries to fight back and her mouth seem to get her in more trouble at times, but the Masked Man sees only his prey in front of him. He starts to seemingly get turned on as the match progresses and taunts Megan with dry humps and crotch to face bronco buster, but his main purpose is to beat this bitch down and bring the pain to her bikini clad body.  Masked Man even can’t resist tasting this delectable blue haired treat and starts licking her fingers. This match contains Bodyslams, Camel Clutches, Rack, Stunners, and Multiple Piledrivers. If you love male supremacy at its wrestling finest, then this match is for you. Download LGW’s 1492- Manhandling of Megan Jones – Mixed Wrestling today and watch all the intergender action.

Time Limit ~ 21 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters