New Talent!! – Madison Swan vs Jennifer Thomas in 1554-Muscle Envy

Greeting Beautiful People,

We have a new release and new talent just for you!  Introducing Madison Swan, she is the meaning of skinny but strong when she challenges and admires the muscular beauty of Jennifer Thomas in 1554-Muscle Envy – Female Wrestling.  Now Jennifer is just not as impressed with Madison and her stick thin though somewhat muscular body and shows her just what she thinks about this insult to her muscular supremacy.  Check it out!

1554-Muscle Envy – Female Wrestling

featuring Jennifer Thomas vs Madison Swan

Madison Swan is new to Lucha Girls and ready to prove herself in the ring. Now she is a cute lil thing, emphasis on the word little, as turn her sideways and she damn near disappears, she is so damn thin.  She does have some muscle under her thin waif like frame, but hot damn girl, a good wind would blow you away! While flexing her tiny muscles and self admiring them, she is witnessed by Lucha Girl original Jennifer Thomas, who is famously known for her beautiful muscular sculptured body.  Jennifer wants to know what this lil stringbean is doing? Madison says she does rock climbing to get her fit and very trim body. Jennifer, very unimpressed start her own flexing of her fabulous muscles and Madison just can’t keep her hands off making Jennifer a bit uncomfortable as she feels up her arms, abs and works lower to her legs.  Then she has the gall to say she can’t wait to wrestle a beast like Jennifer, definitely not getting on the bigger muscled girl good side. The match starts and Jennifer is determined to teach this little chit some manners. She starts showing her wrestling and muscle supremacy from the get go, but Madison just can’t seem to think before she speaks & trying to feel up Jennifers luscious tanned body, making Jennifer even more infuriated!  Jennifer is just breaking this lil chicas body but not her spirit! Madison even starts to fight back and almost gets the best of Jennifer, but Jennifer proves why she reigns supreme in the ring and easily overcomes the scrawny paler girl. Buy “ 1554-Muscle Envy – Female Wrestling “ and see what happens to little girls who think they are strong….stronger than Ms Jennifer Thomas. Silly Madison Swan, we hope she didn’t break your spirit, just your body!

Time Limit ~ 16 min           Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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