New Talent!! – Introducing Vivi Veracruz

Good Evening Lucha Girls Fans!

We have new meat, ahem….. we mean a new sexy fighter at Lucha Girls – introducing Vivi Verzcruz!

To some fans who have been with us since the beginning, the name may be familiar and that is because she has fought for us before!  Vivi was that cute lil dreadlocked Brazilian beauty in a few matches from years past.  But now she has returned and demands to do more than just your average get stripped and manhandled around the ring.  She wants to be a serious contender and is training to become a pro wrestler! And we have the video proof of her first day of training to be a Lucha Girls ass kicker!

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We see great things in the future for Vivi at Lucha Girls Wrestling as this girl is determined to prove she has what it takes to become the best Lucha Girl ever!

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