New Talent and New Release – Simone Sherie in 1519-Working Over the Rookie

Greetings Lucha Girls Fans,

Lets get ready to rumble! Veteran Cougar Pro Wrestler Jennifer Thomas takes on newcomer to the Lucha Girls roster – Sassy Blonde Aussie Bombshell Simone Sherie in 1519-Working Over The Rookie! Check it out!

1519-Working Over the Rookie – Female Pro Wrestling

Simone Sherie vs Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas, our seasoned experienced Pro Wrestler is in the ring awaiting the arrival of Lucha Girls latest, newest wrestler – Blonde Bombshell with an Aussie accent Simone Sherie, she steps in the ring with an aura of confidence that brings out the sarcastic cattiness in Jennifer.  Who does this lil chick think she is, walking into the ring like she owns it and grabbing the spotlight from the toned muscular cougar? Needless to say, Jennifer is feeling quite put out by this sexy sassy new girl and feeling a bit threatened by this younger generation. Time to show her the ropes in wrestling, and more importantly teaching her to respect her in ring veterans or the respect will be beaten into her.  The match starts and from the beginning Jennifer schools the younger more vivacious rookie. She may know her hold to hold and how to wrestle in today’s indy scene, but she doesn’t possess the old school ring awareness that Jennifer has honed her skills in through the years. This is a classic older cougar heel vs babyface beauty of female pro wrestling. But as Jennifer gets more we see how much naive Simone can take, even when Jennifer applys a gripping, squeezing Bear Hug, back breaking back breakers, and even gets evil enough to heel up and grab a foreign object from the weight area to really Simones already body beaten back.  How much can our sweet lil Aussie take in this femdom pro wrestling match? Download LGW’s 1519-Working Over the Rookie – Female Pro Wrestling and witness it for yourself!

Time Limit ~ 18 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters