New Stripdown Match – 1478-Vader’s Vixens ~ Carmen vs Vivi

Hello Wrestling Fans!

Carmen Valentina and Vivi Veracruz love their cute new costumes , until they see the others sexy gear.  Then it turns friends to enemies in this sassy tussle called 1478-Vader’s Vixens – Stripdown Catfight

1478-Vader’s Vixens – Stripdown Catfight

Carmen Valentina vs Vivi Veracruz

Carmen and Vivi are BFF’s who are getting ready to go to a Welcome to the Darkside themed party and can’t wait to show their new 1 piece costume to the other.  That is until they both do the big reveal and are pretty much wearing the same Darth Vader costume. Like Lucy and Ethel wearing the same dress back in the 50’s, these sexy bitches are not having it and a catfight ensues.  Each girl is determined to strip the offending outfit off the other and want to win the fight by any means necessary! The two vixens hurl insults at each other verbally & physically throughout this bout. These Vader vixens turn to the darkside and attack each other with titty squeezes, forceful wedgies, crotch attacks, scissors and more.  But whats even better is they both fight right out of the cute little suits in this hot stripdown catfight. Download LGW’s 1478-Vader’s Vixens – Stripdown Catfight featuring 2 of the jiggliest booties in the galaxy!

Time Limit~ 13 min               Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters