New Stripdown match – 1467-Bra & Panty Party – 3on1 Stripdown Match!!

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These bitches Jezabel, Carmen and Vivi just do not like the new girl at the gym named La Scorpia.   They decide its time to give the new girl a not so welcome beat down, but does La Scorpia fall victim or do they?  Find out in LGWs 1467-Bra & Panty Party – 3on1 Stripdown Match.

1467-Bra and Panty Party – 3on1 Stripdown Match

La Scorpia vs Jezabel Romo, Carmen Valentina & Vivi Veracruz

One day after training, Jezabel, Carmen and Vivi are sitting in the ring talking about the new girl La Scorpia and how stuck up she is!  I mean, she won’t even take her mask off.  The girls start mocking her and gossiping when lo and behold La Scorpia walks right up to them and asks why they are talking trash about her.  Jezabel is the one who is scheduled to fight her but changes the rules as only a veteran in the ring can and tells La Scorpia that she is fighting not only Jezabel, but her 2 sexy cohorts as well…..My ring, my rules bitch!  But La Scorpia doesn’t back down.  She is ready to take on all 3 of these bullying bitches….right here, right now!  Jezabel also adds the stipulation of the first one to strip the other bitch down to her bra and panty wins!  Sweet quiet sidekick Vivi volunteers to take her on first and this crazy stripdown match starts!  La Scorpia makes short work of her and up next is Carmen who boldly states “I am going to make you a whore just like me, La Scorpia! “  These 3 bullies give it their all, but La Scorpia is a little harder to beat down than the originally thought…..though she may be new to Lucha Girls, this bitch is an ass kicker. Gradually, she strips them all of their wifebeater tank tops leaving them in bras and booty shorts.  But La Scorpia is not done yet!  She is determined to fight for the victory and not get punked by these cunts!  But these girls aren’t known to fight fair, the circle and corner the masked fighter and jump her all at once. Forcibly stripping her to her bra and panty and mocking her all the way!  But when they go for her mask, then she really gets furious and fights with all she’s got.  But is it enough to keep her mask and dignity in place or is she left open faced, vulnerable and humiliated?  Find out who gets put in a jock lock wedgie and who walks out victorious in LGW’s 1467-Bra & Panty Party – 3on1 Stripdown Match

Time Limit ~ 10 min / Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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