New Release at LGW 1513-Makin The Grade – Schoolgirl Squash Mixed Wrestling

Greetings Mixed Wrestling Fans!

School is in session for Little Miss Popular Delilah Doom, in the form of Coach Eli Everfly. She needs a passing grade and thinks he should just give it to her. Coach Everfly thinks its time to make this entitled little bitch to earn it!

1513-Makin The Grade – Schoolgirl Squash

Delilah Doom vs Eli Everfly

Little Miss Popular Delilah Doom is almost ready to graduate from college and ready to start living her life…but she is failing gym class.  She just needs to pass one more class to walk across the illustrious graduation stage, which should be easy with Daddy’s money though right? But Coach Eli Everfly is an honest, traditional “grades are to be earned not bought” type of teacher.  Delilah isn’t worried, she always gets her way, whether wanted, desired or bought, she always gets her way….until today that is! Coach Everfly is ready to work this girl and make her earn her spot on the graduation stage. And he thinks the wrestling ring is the perfect place for Delilah to make the coveted passing grade!  He proves his supremacy over this naive, never worked for anything in her life lil girl. He brutally makes her poor lithe body stretch, bend and slam all over the ring. Maneuvering her into sexy submissions, bashing her with body breaking slams, even a pedigree and head bashing piledriver! But we must ask ourselves, how bad do we think Delilah wants to pass this class?  Download LGW’s 1513-Makin The Grade – Schoolgirl Squash and find out!

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters