New Release! – 1570-I’ll Make You Drool Bitch

1570-Ill Make You Drool Bitch

feat Jezabel Romo vs Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas, our no nonsense muscular sexy wrestler is back and ready to give our drunken party girl Jezabel Romo a 2nd chance to redeem herself and finally take wrestling training seriously! After the first failed lesson (see 1704-Drool for Me Bitch) our fierce fighters agree to meet again and once again, Jezabel is a happy over partied mess.  She literally falls out before the session even starts. Jennifer is beyond furious and is about the vent her frustrations out on the helpless yet deserving Jezabel once again. Jezabel is flung into a series of submission moves, causing her to drool and gag all over the place. Just like the first match, this is not for the weak stomach, this match is full of gagging, drooling and spitting up, leaving the poor Jezabel a sloppy gooey mess!  Download “ 1570-Ill Make You Drool Bitch “ and watch all the heaving action!

Time Limit ~ 11 min                     Format ~ MP4

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