New Release – 1569-Revenge Gone Wrong – Jezabel vs Allie

1569-Revenge Gone Wrong

feat Jezabel Romo vs Allie Parker

Allie Parker, independent pro and fantasy wrestler used to work for and got her start at Lucha Girls under the tutelage of Jezabel Romo.  Nowadays, thinking back, she is tired of the way Jezabel used to humiliate, dominate and basically just embarrass the heck out of her in the ring making her the laughingstock of customs wrestling.  She decides that now is the time to confront Jezabel and give her a taste of her own medicine. She devises a plan to have the camera already rolling and finally get her revenge on this old cougar bitch.  Jezabel, upon hearing that Allie wants to “train” with her and eyeing the camera has other plans. Jezabel is always thinking one step ahead of Allie and quickly turns the tables on the poor naive Allie. Allie, expecting this from the devious older woman is ready and soon has her in la la land and strips her to her cute lil purple bra and panty set.  She starts taking revenge pictures of Jezabel and feels quite victorious, all the while placing her if various vulnerable positions. But like waking a hibernating Mama Bear, Jezabel wakes up, furious and hungry for revenge. Poor Allie doesn’t stand a chance against this crazy bitch and soon its times for Jezabel to get her revenge…….Download LGW’s “1569-Revenge Gone Wrong” and watch all the vengeful mayhem take place.

Time Limit ~ 15 min                    Format ~ MP4

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