New Release – 1559-Ass Kissin Spankin – Mixed Pro Wrestling

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Allie Parker is a feisty chica who will fight just about anyone who is courageous enough to step in the ring with her sexy sassiness!  This time, she knows her opponent and his arrogance quite well as she faces up against that sarcastic Bad Dude Tito once again!  They have unbridled chemistry whenever you put them in the ring together and this match up is no different.  Check out 1559-Ass Kissin Spankin – Mixed Pro Wrestling and see just what kind of wager Allie propositions Bad Dude with….

1559-Ass Kissin Spankin – Mixed Pro Wrestling

feat Allie Parker vs Bad Dude Tito

Americas Sweetheart Ms Allie Parker is happy to reunite with Pro Wrestler Bad Dude Tito Escondito in the Lucha Girls ring and challenges him to a “Loser Kisses Ass and Gets Spanked” mixed wrestling match. This stipulation being that the first one stripped to bra and panties, or in Bad Dudes case, sexy tiny man thong wins the match.  Bad Dude, needing no excuse to put his hands on sexy female wrestlers gladly accepts this match. Now Bad Dude knows damn well that Allie wants to put her hands on him too and the sexual tension and chemistry shines thru in this match! The match begins with Tito taking the lead and putting sexy Ms Parker into a daisy duke wedging Bear Hug that makes Allies already sexy tanned toned ass  explode from the bottom of her tiny little jean shorts and she screams helplessly from this crotch cutting maneuver. He thinks this match will be easily won as he proceeds to strip Allie of her infamous flannel and wife beater shirt. But Allie is a determined fighter and makes a man thong exposing grab for Bad Dudes wrestling trunks. Both fighters are focused and want to have the other kiss their ass and get their hands of spanking each others ass!  This match contains various pro style moves such as the Boston Crab, the Bull Dog, Rack and more! Poor Allie knows that Bad Dude has the upper hand and claims victory over. But is he a gentleman when it comes to ass kissing and spanking trophy? Or does her give her a sweaty cheeked bare ass to mouth stinkface and ass eating wedgie induced spanking….what do you think? Download LGW’s “Ass Kissin Spankin’- Mixed Pro Wrestling” and watch the humiliation of our sweet innocent Allie Parker

Time Limit ~ 8 min                      Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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