New Release! 1528-Bikini Bitch Beat down

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The Masked Sassy Vulcana is back, in a cute lil leopard bikini and thinks she is the hottest thing in wrestling.  Jezabel, our saucy cougar thinks she needs a hands on full contact humbling. Check out LGW’s 1528-Bikini Bitch Beat down – Bikini Pro Wrestling

1528-Bikini Bitch Beat down -Bikini Pro Wrestling

Jezabel Romo vs Vulcana

Vulcana is in the ring, thinking she rules the customs world and even though she hasn’t won all her matches, she has walked away victoriously recently and thinks she is the world’s best wrestler.  Unbeknownst to her, Jezabel, a seasoned wrestler who has been in this business just shy of 20 years overhears this young, naive millennial bitch and is thoroughly insulted and aggravated with this younger generation and their damn entitlements!!  Time to teach this politically incorrect bitch a lesson in being humble in this traditional sport of pro wrestling and to respect the ones who paved the way for her self absorbed ass!! She wants to be a woman in wrestling than she needs to prove she belongs in the fucking ring, right here, right now.  Jezabel gets in her face not letting her back down and the match begins with back and forth punches and forearms all over the ring. But Jezabel is nowhere near done with this little leopard bikini clad hussy and reigns superior over the more inexperienced Vulcana. She tosses her around the ring with strikes, stomps, even hitting her with a backbreaker.  Stretching her body almost beyond her limits with a front facing surfboard, side surfboard and other submission moves, showing her dominance and Vulcanas humiliation with fishhooks, head and body scissors and even a stinkface for punishment. Next time this masked primadonna steps into the ring, she will remember to be humble or will face the older cougar who demands respect in the ring!  Download LGWs “ 1528-Bikini Bitch Beat down – Bikini Pro Wrestling and watch Vulcana learn a lesson in wrestling etiquette.

Time Limit ~ 11 min               Format~ MP4

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